MSTelcom 24th Anniversary

MSTelcom 24th Anniversary

As part of the celebrations of its 24th anniversary, MSTelcom held on August 2nd 2023, on the premises of the Sonangol EP Headquarters Building, a Workshop with the aim of recognizing the effort, commitment and dedication of employees with 10 years in the company as well as those already retired.

During the opening ceremony, the President of the Executive Committee, Eng. Felisberta de Jesus, highlighted the moment in which the foundations were laid for the creation of MSTelcom as a provider of telecom services to meet the needs of the Sonangol group, which took over and is one of the largest telecommunications companies operating in the national market. The board of Executive Committee took a The moment to thank, on behalf of all employees, the members of the group of founders who are still present at MSTelcom, for their persistence and selflessness and reaffirmed the commitment to do everything to improve the products and the quality of services provided, in order to make MSTelcom in a company closer to its customers.

Afterwards, there was a minute of silence in honor of the employees who gave a lot to the company and who are no longer part of the living world.

In addition to delivering certificates of merit, the results of the 1st semester of 2023 were presented and expectations and challenges for the 2nd semester were discussed.

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